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Prints that captivated Febratex


Between August 21st and 24th, Febratex was held in Blumenau/SC, which is considered the greatest fair for textile industry in the Americas.

In addition to releasing the new collection of prints of studio Casa SRS, Gruppo SRS presented one of its machines for the textile industry:

                                                                                        - Tanque simples, duplos ou triplos,

                                                                    - Fundo cônico, aço inox, com capacidade de 80, 140, 400 L.


­?Single, double or triple tank

? Conical bottom, stainless steel, with capacities of 80, 140, 400L.

Cover with manual or automatic closing, with safety switch
­?Flow meter to control the quantity of water that gets into it, unit for control of compressed air.

­?Mixing of solution through helix mixers, with variable speed programmed by the frequency inverter.

?Set of valves for the supply of cold water, hot water and steam control.

?Set of three-­?way valves for the flow of the solution towards the machines.

?Sensors for the control of the dissolving tank status, temperature, presence of solution, etc.


Dyeing Machine DDS

It is a revolutionary system for the dosing and distribution of dry salts up to dyeing machines. The powder product comes directly from Big Bags.
The salt goes through dosing since the storage by means of a gravimetric system without going through a dissolving unit.
The dosing is done together with the distribution, gaining, this way, an incomparable agility. The distribution is obtained by means of stainless steel pipes with several diameters. The introduction into the tanks on board the dyeing machine is made by rotary mechanical valves.
The dosing of the salts is controlled by means of loading cells that control the rotation of the dosing screw.
The distribution is made by means of a chain equipped with plates that drag the powder inside the 316 stainless steel pipes up to the dosing nozzles installed on the dyeing machine.