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Get to know our Leather Line
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Used as a noble material for making items such as handbags, shoes and wallets, the leather brings elegance and identity to every product in a more and more artistic way.

Concerned with sustainability, the search for drawings that reproduce the animal skin grows in a fast way.

And it is more common for companies to seek for the personalization of their leather with exclusive drawings.

With the boards of Gruppo SRS this is possible.

We serve the leather and synthetic leather markets through the laser engraving on phenolic resin boards to press the leather/synthetic leather, reproducing perfect printing.

With our modern equipment, engraving is possible in few hours, replacing the long engraving process on aluminum boards.

Phenolic resin board to press the leather/synthetic leather.

Our services

• Laser engraving on boards to press leather and/or synthetic leather

• Development of drawings with rapport

• Possibility of small board to test

• Scanner Cruse 2D and scanner 3D with high definition

• Trend research

• No minimum size for board engraving

• Boards of up to 180 x 280 cm

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