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Personalization, creativity and relaxation in the right measure make the products even more incredible, making the coating an essential part at the decoration of environments.
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You have certainly seen a ceramic product and have gotten really curious to touch it and feel the embossment. Sometimes it is the wood-­‐like print that looks natural wood given its perfection, sometimes it is the cement that features all the minimum details.

Either press embossment or cylinder embossment, get to know the possibilities that can add value and enchant your customer.

Particularly, we are specialized in decoration of ceramic coating through the system "rollprint dualring", and through silicone cylinders "laser-­‐roll and rotocolor", which enable the optimization of results in decoration.

Gruppo SRS uses cutting-­‐edge laser systems for engraving in several types of cylinders that exist in the market, meeting, this way, all demands in the ceramic market.

The employees of Gruppo SRS are able to offer the customers full assistance, from the setting of drawings to the production, with the use of several engraving procedures and printing tests.

Our services

• Development of drawings

• Trend research

• Color separation in drawings for analog production

• Sale of drawings for digital production • Engraving of serigraph screens

• Engraving of rotary cylinders • Making of photolith films

• Scanner Cruse 2D and 3D.

Embossments that add value to the product and to the environment.