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Gruppo SRS has a laboratory specialized in laser engraving, with the use of rubber and silicone cylinders and sleeves. The engraving machines feature high power laser cannons, providing more agility during engraving in cylinders.
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Quality Control:

All engraving is checked through a modern digital microscope, where it is possible to check any kind of problem at the engraving structure.

Strict control standards are carried out in our production process, in order to keep the quality standard of our products.

Our main purpose is to get the maximum of accuracy and fidelity in the conception of the drawing engraving.

We perform several types of engraving for high definition drawings and for micro-­structures

Textures extracted from natural wood.

We prioritize quality in our products and the responsibility in the provision of services.


The development and design department has its own technique and technology with global resources to provide its customers with innovative solutions, enabling the furniture sector to conquer new forms of applications.

Participation in international fairs of architecture and design.

Scanner Cruse 2D:

Imported from Germany, it scans large formats in high definition, such as marble, granite, wood, leather textures and others.

Our services

- Laser engraving on rubber and silicone sleeves
- Development of drawings
- Color separation of the drawings
- Follow-­‐up of the projects

In wood, demolition wood, knots, 3D and basic line. Engraving in several technologies of cylinders in the market.
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