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We are always ahead, bringing the latest in fashion for you.
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Casa SRS is a design studio of Gruppo SRS, it was very well accepted by the fashion market and today it has expanded its business to all textile sectors.

We foresee fashion for you, through researches in fairs, trips and fashion shows.

We serve according to the customer’s briefing, and we have a large catalog with incredible drawings.


Mount your package:

At Casa SRS you can shop for drawing packages. It is possible to vary the quantity to fit your need. 

With an easy and practical platform, the customer has access to all of our content:

barred prints, all-­‐over print, front print, women’s, men’s and children’s fashion, beach wear, fitness, bed, bath and table.

We love colors, details and the development of each and every collection. Visit our website:


Our services

• Development of all-­‐over and placed prints

• Engraving and erasing of serigraph

• Making of photolith films


Modern and trendy prints.